For all writers

For all writers

Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's been a while, huh? Man, what a ride! You've been on one, I know you have. Okay, if you haven't actually sat in the seat, I know you've stood on the ground and watched the cars of people riding up and down, back and forth, around and around. Excuse me. I'm getting a little queasy! :-)

My point is, roller coasters are frantic, nerve-wracking and thrilling - all at the same time. That's the way my life has been these past two years. Yours too? Bless your heart. If you're anything like me, right now you're probably feeling like you just want the ride to stop so you can get off and get your feet back on solid ground, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Trouble is, this ride IS our life. We are headed where that track is takin' us and there's not much we can do about it. Most of you know my grandson, Hunter's story and the account of how we lost our homes, business location and land to the state's "progress" after 32 years in the same location so I won't beat that dead horse anymore. You also probably know that I'm married to the mayor of our fair city (can't tell you how proud I am of him!) and that has presented some challenges as well. All this while dealing with some health issues and trying to find my niche in the intimidating world of writing, publishing, editors and book sales - not to mention learning about Facebook pages, Twitter posts and blogging! To say it has been overwhelming is an understatement!

I've got to tell you (I know I can be honest with you, right?) I was feeling a little beat up. Tired of trying. "what's the use?!?" and all that jazz. Why? Because I had begun to listen to the enemy's lies as he whispered defeat in my ear. I bought in to the deception and began to believe the things he was telling me. But I want to live for my Savior and be an authentic woman of God! I'm such a loser!

Why do we let this happen? We know better. Isn't God the blessed Controller of all things and doesn't he work everything out for my good and His glory? Well, yeah but...Ah, there it is! The "yeah, but..."! That's the very thing I said too then I began to remember. A couple of years ago, our ladies "Apples of Gold" group did a study called "The New Eve" by Robert Lewis. Great study and we all loved it. I recently grabbed the book from my shelf and began reading it again, instantly reminded of the comparisons between Eve and Mary that we had studied. It was a simple case of three things: what they embraced (accept or reject God's Word), what they did (action flows from belief - think about it), and what they expected - they both expected good to come from their actions. If you get the book, you can dig further into those. 

The thing that stood out to me was the little saying that he quoted over and over in the book. It was a pretty good definition of authentic womanhood. It went like this: 

                        "A real woman embraces God's core callings, chooses wisely,
                         lives courageously, and expects God's greater reward."

At one time, I had written that out and pasted it in my closet so I could see it every day but, as time went by and I moved on to other things, the little slip of paper disappeared and I forgot the words.

Girls, I think it's time we re-wrote that slip of paper and taped it back up so we can read it every day and remember! No more defeat - not to say that we won't feel like giving up from time to time. No more pity parties - Godly wisdom helps us make better choices; even though they are sometimes difficult. No more fear - sure, the challenges will come; we're fooling ourselves if we don't know that by now but God will give us all the courage we need if we'll only ask for it. Then what? Why, we'll expect (and receive) God's great reward, that's what! Allow me to read an excerpt from "The New Eve"...

"The New Eve knows a better way. She has entrusted her life to God and to a biblical vision of womanhood that she believes will prove itself as the years roll by (emphasis mine). Mary said it best: 'May it be done to me according to Your word' (Luke 1:38)."

So, what am I thinking? I'm gonna put on my "full armor", grab my ticket and hop aboard that ride. Are you comin'?