For all writers

For all writers

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

There I am. Boy, do I look serious!

Actually, this is one of several pictures a precious friend of mine - Nicole Pawlaczyk of Capture Me Photography took for my photo shoot at the library several months ago. She's a professional photographer. She's serious about her work and it shows.

That's what I want you to understand about me today. 

I'm serious about what I do. All of it. Every single bit.

I find it interesting to say the least, that I'm finally beginning to step out of my "little box" and begin to try new things where my writing and speaking are concerned. Why? Because I'm serious. Oh yes, I am.

If you read the last couple of posts, you'll remember I mentioned I was diving head-first into the world of electronic publishing. Well, it was more like a jump and I've been swimming around for the last month in the Amazon pool of ebooks. It's not easy for this old dawg to learn anything at my age but, by golly, it's happening. Book templates, cover design and production, new accounts. Lots for me to absorb but I did, I am and it's not half bad after all!

In case you haven't noticed my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I recently released my latest romance entitled, "City Girl" on Amazon. It's not even out in print yet but you can purchase (or borrow) it for your Kindle now. Technology. Amazing. I've already sold more books this year than all of my print books last year. (I'm shaking my head)

I also realized that I still have a lot to say and share so I've purposed to begin speaking again about grief and have embarked on a new campaign to get the word out there about that as well. I have agreed to represent and speak for a group in Rogers that advocates the InfantSwim program, as well as another group that endeavors to teach infants and toddlers to swim and prevent drowning deaths in our region.

All that said to say this: Today, I am putting you on notice. I am a force to be reckoned with. I know that the Father isn't finished with me yet. Not by a long shot. So I'm gonna work with all my heart and see that HE gets all the glory. 

Writers - stay with me and we'll travel this road together. 
Those of you grieving the loss of a loved one - read about my personal journey in the book:

Stay tuned, folks.