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For all writers

Thursday, April 18, 2013


As most of you know by now, we had some pretty fierce wind, rain, lightening and thunder last night. There were some very strong storms in and around our area and the water rushing down the streets and drainage ditches attest to that fact.

I rushed to the front door and looked out to see if Mrs. Robin is still there. You know what? Well...let me back up for a minute.

The first year in our new house, I noticed a robin flying up and down around our back patio. I soon discovered that she had built a doozy of a nest on top of one of the columns; out of the wind and elements, she sat there like the Queen of Sheba. Well, I'm not overly fond of birds but I wouldn't ever tear down a robin's nest with babies or even eggs in it so Mrs. Robin enjoyed her reprieve and raised two nests of babies! After everyone flew off for the last time, I tore the nest down.

Last spring and this, I watched for Mrs. Robin (or maybe one of her kids) and, sure enough, she and her beau tried to construct a new house where the old one had been. Plastic owls, water hoses, aluminum foil strips and other home remedies finally convinced them that they should build elsewhere and they did. Victory.

Last Friday, as we cleaned out flowerbeds and pruned bushes out front, I noticed a robin fluttering frantically above my head. I looked up into the tree in front of me and watched as Mrs. Robin flew over and landed onto a nest in one of the branches. I'm sure if my neighbors had heard me they would've thought I'd lost my mind but I leaned over on my rake and proceeded to commend Mrs. Robin on her choice of lodgings. I've watched her out my office window every day since, sitting on that nest of hers. She sits patiently, protecting what is precious to her and waits for Mr. Robin to come and relieve her so she can go eat something. Soon, she's right back on the nest again in protection mode.

Back to where I started...after the fierce wind and torrents of rain last night and this morning, I couldn't help but think of Mrs. Robin and her nest. I hurried to the front window and looked out, truly expecting the worst. The nest is a little worse for wear but there she sits, on top of her precious eggs, still hunkered down like nobody's business! I know she's soaked and now, with the thermometer hovering around forty-six degrees, she's wet and cold. Probably hungry too. I haven't seen Mr. Robin all morning. Sigh.

I can't help but compare this to some things in my own life lately. Problems, complications, and trouble abounds. I know the scripture. I've read it a million times. "In the world you will have tribulation..." (John 16:33). I know these things happen, troubles come and disappointments happen just like storms but it doesn't make it any easier to welcome them sometimes. 

What I had forgotten was the last part of the verse, "but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." I may be wet and cold sometimes, fiercely guarding what I know to be good and true but my Savior is always there beside me - reminding me to keep my chin up. The rain will stop pelting me and the wind will die down. He has overcome the world and everything in it and promises that we can be overcomers too.

So, I'm gonna "sit on my nest" and hunker down. The clouds will part and the sun will come out and 'this, too shall pass'. Praise God!